It’s only natural to want to stay connected to your friends and family when you are away. Nowadays, everyone shares pictures and details of their trips on social media or by email. Smartphones made everything much easier when it comes to keeping in touch, however you should also consider the costs. The costs of calling and sharing pictures with your friends could quickly become high without notice. Here are some tips on avoiding high smartphone bills abroad!

Smartphones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you probably already own one. Although these devices and incredibly useful, you should also find a way to minimize the cost of your next phone bill. The reason why the costs increase is usually the roaming data. Sometimes international calls are in fact, less expensive than you might expect. If you use certain apps, these will continue to run in the background whenever you are abroad. This is important to keep in mind when you travel, as you may end up with a huge bill without knowing where it comes from.

When it comes to social media, different websites need more data than others. If you want to send a picture or a message by email, this will not cost you as much as uploading or viewing a photo on Facebook. Twitter is similar to Facebook in this regard, as it consumes a similar amount of data. The popular YouTube site also consumes quite a lot of data, so you should avoid using it too much during vacation.

Even though the used data may not seem like a big deal at first, keep in mind most people check these sites several times a day. In the end, the costs add up and increase your phone bill. One thing you should do before leaving on a trip is get an appropriate plan for traveling. Many carriers offer good options for anyone who travels often, so make sure to look into that. Consider choosing your plan based on what you will use most often. For example, if you want to talk on the phone with friends back home, some carriers offer unlimited international minutes. If internet is what interests you more, look into internet options and how much they would cost.

It is essential to get an international plan if you don’t want your bill to reach an incredibly high amount. Without one, every single text you send will be much more expensive than local ones. Luckily, some smartphones offers their own texting options for which the price is the same, no matter what country you are in. Keep in mind that data plans and voice plans are often sold separately, so consider buying one of each. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon or Sprint provide affordable plans that will not make a hole in your budget.

The best way of avoiding high costs is to call your phone carrier and get information on your options. By doing this, you will be able to spend a fun vacation and talk to anyone you want, without worrying about the phone bill.