There are many things to think about before you fly, and you will probably be quite busy figuring them out. If you want to make your flight as smooth and easy as possible, read on for some quick tips.

Don’t book your flight under a nickname, even if all your friends know it. If you buy plane tickets without using your full ID name, you will encounter problems with security agents. Your name should be identical to the one on your ID or passport, and all the details should match. Not paying attention to this rule will cause delays and you might not even be able to board on the plane.

Check your documents over and over. If you go on a vacation, some countries may request a visa beforehand. While this is not always the case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The list of papers you will need should be available on the airport’s website. Along with that, make sure to have all the documents you need ready and prepared while waiting in line at security. You don’t want to lose something or to make other travelers wait for too long. Airports are packed and everyone wants to get the screening process over with as fast as possible.

Another thing you should think about is the time spent in the airport. Check to see if there are any attractions in the airport you will be stuck in, in order to plan some relaxing hours if you need to wait. Don’t be leave home late as flights get delayed and undelayed constantly. Before you leave home, make sure you have everything organized and in check for your trip.

You should also think of your phone before you fly. Contact your provider and ask what charges they apply to international calls. If you use the Internet more than making calls, you should look for an appropriate data plan. Without paying attention to this aspect, you may end up with a huge phone bill upon returning from vacation. Luckily, phone carriers generally offer affordable plans for people who travel often.

When you get on the plane, try not to bother the other passengers too much. Some people might not be in the mood for chatting or small talk. Respect that and keep yourself busy with movies or music. Furthermore, avoid reclining your seat before asking the people behind for their permission. Most airplanes nowadays include seat recliners that make travelers more comfortable on a long flight. However, use this option only when you’re flying for many hours and feel very tried.

Bring some headphones that muffle the noise around if you want to get some sleep. This is particularity useful during overnight flights that are tough to handle. If you’re feeling dehydrated and tired, make sure to drink enough liquids but avoid caffeine and too much alcohol. Last but not least, get a good rest before you fly. You will feel more rested and refreshed, and this will improve your overall mood while on the plane.