Unfortunate events happen often, and you may need to make a quick trip in order to attend a funeral. Perhaps the funeral is out of state and in that case, you should learn more about the bereavements fares and how the process goes.

Luckily, many airlines provide assistance and help to people who need to take such a trip. Even if the event is a very sad one, you should look into what your favorite airlines can provide. Many airlines offer discounts and each of them offers different deals. You might be able to score of a very good deal if you compare airlines and check their offers. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

First of all, the discounted prices only apply to family members who were close to the deceased person. Along with that, you will also need papers that back up your claims. If you are hoping for a discount, you will need to provide proof of being immediate family to the person who just died. The person’s name and other personal information are also required.

Bereavement fares also depend on the type of flight. For example, low cost airlines will not provide additional discounts, however regular airlines will. So, you will have to choose between flying with a regular airline and getting a good deal or fly by economy class. If the location you plan on traveling to is far and don’t have any accommodation arrangements, consider a package. The packages usually include hotel booking, meals and even rental vehicles.

Make sure to compare airline fares in order to find the best price. Even if your trip needs to take place very fast, spend a few hours looking for good deals on the a company’s websites. You may even find a last minute deal that suits you well and thus not need any additional discount.

Getting a package that includes a hotel booking is also a good idea if you won’t be staying with family upon arrival. It may be difficult for your relatives to make arrangements on such a short notice, and thus a package will make things easier.

If you are wondering about what various airlines offer, you should know that Air Canada provides low bereavement fares on both one way flights and all round trips. This offer is only available if the booking is made with no longer than a week before. Delta Airlines is more lenient when it comes to immediate family requirements. This airline has good offers for anyone who is related to the deceased, however proof of death must be shown upon booking. Alaska Airlines is similar to Air Canada when it comes to bereavement fares. Immediate family gets discounts if the trip is scheduled within the next few days. Lufthansa provides good deals for people all over the US, as well as Canada.

Attending a funeral is an unpleasant and often painful event, but things might become a little less stressful once the practical aspects are taken care of.