If you are traveling often and have enough time on your hands, consider getting bumped. Unlike it may seem, getting bumped from your plane is not always a negative thing. If you want to learn more about the advantages of volunteering for it, read on for some info.

First of all, you could choose to volunteer to be bumped from your flight if your main one was too expensive. Every traveler who chooses this option receives a voucher that covers for the cost of any other flight they want. You could even get covered for more than one trip, this allowing you to save some money instead. If you want to get bumped to a better flight, make sure to be nice and polite with the agents as this will get you a better deal. Most airline agents like when people volunteer for bumping instead of complaining, so you will probably not encounter any issues.

Getting bumped usually happens with one hour before your original flight takes off, and you might need to wait for a travel agent to talk to you. At that point, you can ask them whether they need any volunteers. Don’t insist, and ask to be added on the list if the plane is already overcrowded. If the agents deny your request, you will have to accept it and board the plane you originally intended to. Take into consideration that getting bumped is not certain until half an hour before your flight. Make sure to always be somewhere nearby the gate, as this will increase your chances of getting a good deal. When agents announce they need volunteers, you can be one of the first passengers waiting.

There are some things to take into account before offering to get bumped. Learn more about what the airline offers and what their price range is. Generally the offered vouchers total about $500 for a domestic flight, but can reach $1500 for an international trip. If you are in a hurry, make sure the the offered flight is close enough to your original one. This will help you reach your destination in time without being late. Getting bumped is usually a good idea for vacations when you have plenty of time. A work trip on the the other hand might be more stressful and thus bumping is not advisable.

Some airlines provide overnight bumps that are quite convenient. Travelers generally get great offers this way, and these include meals and a hotel stay. If the idea appeals to you, check out this option as well. However, things are not always that easy. Some airlines don’t offer good deals and you may end up wasting more time for something that is not worth it.

Look into what your airline provides and select cash instead of flights. Getting cash will give you the ability to select the flight you want, and a voucher is typically available for a full year. Make sure to check whether your chosen airline also offers cash, as some stick to flyer offers.