Whenever you book a trip abroad, make sure to think about the hotel etiquette and tipping in that country. Here are some idea you may find useful next time you travel, either for business or pleasure.

Every business has its own etiquette, and you should probably not visit a luxurious hotel without thinking about tipping. This will help you with making a good first impression, while the hotel’s employers will be more open and friendly. There are some unwritten rules every guests should follow, regardless of the culture they come from. However, the fact that you are tipping well might not always secure a reliable service.

When you first arrive at your hotel, it is a good idea to tip some of the employers beforehand. There is a high chance you will be treated better and more attentively. Generally, the doorman as well as the concierge should be tipped when you first arrive. Regardless whether your stay is a short or an extended one, it is a good idea to tip everything at once. If you are unsure of how much to tip the bellboy, consider factors as the weight of your luggage, or whether he offered interesting information about the hotel. Consider tipping again if you ask the bellboy to carry your luggage upon leaving the place.

Although lately an increased number of hotels all over the world decided to apply a no tip policy, things are not so clear cut. This policy makes things easier on some level, as you will avoid uncomfortable situations such as not having enough bills for tipping. However, the price of the rooms can be higher. If you need a tour driver, you should know that the tip is not included so make sure to prepare some cash beforehand.

The no tip policy includes home owned establishments like bed and breakfasts. Business owners should not be tipped by default, however everyone else who is not part of the family should receive an appropriate tip.

The rules of tipping also depend on the country you are in. Generally. the tip should be higher if the hotel is an luxurious one. The same goes for smaller but popular hotels that provide a good service. If your hotel provides a housekeeper, you should consider tipping her every day instead of doing so at the end of your trip.

If you need to learn more about what the etiquette of the country you are going to visit, a good idea would be doing your own research. The tipping rules are different all around the world, so you should not leave unprepared. No matter what, make sure to bring enough cash with you in order to tip every employer of the hotel you will be staying at. If you are incredibly impressed with the staff services, you could write a letter to the management and let them know how much you enjoyed your stay. This will add to the employer’s good reviews, but also leave them with a favorable impression of you.