Deutsche Lufthansa is Germany’s best known airline and the one used the most throughout Europe. People commonly refer to it as simply Lufthansa – and this was the name of the German national airline since 1926 when Deutsche Luft Hansa was founded. However the current carrier and the 1926 Deutsche Luft Hansa are not legally related. It is interesting to note that all the German airlines that operated under the Lufthansa denomination also had a very similar logo.

The current carrier has a fleet of 266 planes in its main line. The aircrafts under the main Lufthansa flag are manufactured by Boeing and Airbus. However, it was announced that 2 Boeing models will be retired and replaced by Airbus A320 models, making this plane brand to outnumber Boeing. All these planes carry passengers to 220 destinations, with 193 of them being international.

Lufthansa has several subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, and even Italy. Some of the subsidiaries are under full control of Lufthansa, while others are under partial control of this carrier. Those who wonder if there are any sharecode agreements in place for Lufthansa, should know that there are just 5 so far. However, its frequent flier program is shared with 7 other airlines, and is called Miles & More. There are 4 tiers, and air miles can be earned by using the Lufthansa credit cards or by shopping in the Lufthansa stores as well. The benefits one can enjoy as a member of the Miles & More program depend on the tier they reached.

Some airlines choose to sponsor causes, events, or sport teams. Lufthansa is a sponsor for FC Bayern München – the most successful sports club in Germany, and for the German Sports Aid Foundation. Lufthansa also runs various other operations most of them directly related to aviation, such as consulting, crew training services, airline catering, and maintenance services, to name some of them.