San Diego International Airport is a major airport in California which offers over 50 nonstop flights and numerous international ones. There are more than 500 flights taking off daily from this airport.

If you are in the mood for experiencing art, San Diego International Airport does not disappoint. The facility features many different art programs, from which some are public. Along with that, you might also be able to catch one of the temporary exhibits or enjoy some live music. Each season brings something different, and the performances include dancing and even theater performances.

If you want to relax and have a good time, consider going on a shopping trip. The airport is packed with reputable shops, and the duty free shop will enable you to buy cosmetics without paying any extra charge. Maybe you need something to read before boarding on a flight, so head over to Bay Books of Coronado in order to purchase the latest best seller. Travelers who are looking for the latest technology gadgets can find everything they need at the Best Buy store.

Waiting in the airport can be tiresome, and a good idea would be grabbing something to eat while you wait. San Diego International Airport offers meals for any taste. Go to Phil’s B.B.Q. for some traditional American cuisine. The restaurant is opened everyday starting with 5 am and until 10 pm. Bankers Hill Bar is the place where you can enjoy a great original cocktail along a warm meal. Maybe you want a coffee or some food on the go, and in that case Starbucks or Burger King sounds like good options.

The airport also provides transportation by bus, rental car as well as bicycle. If you decide to rent a car and need a parking spot, the airport provides low parking rates for tourists who visit the city.