J. Its fleet counts 163 airplanes: 7 are used only by the royal family, 16 of them form the cargo fleet, and the rest of them are for passengers. Boeing is the manufacturer providing most of the models, followed by Airbus. The fleet also has 15 Embraers, however these will soon be retired.

Sometimes, people might see other planes decorated with the Saudi Arabian Airlines livery, but those are not intended for commercial use. Instead they are used by the government, for training, or even military.

When booking a ticket with Saudi Arabian Airlines, one should know they can only reach 126 destinations. They spread from North America, Europe, Africa, all the way to South Korea and Indonesia. Saudi Arabian Airlines has codeshare agreements with several airlines from the countries it flies to: Air France, Korean Air, and Kenya Airways are just a few of its codeshare partners. When it comes to revenue, the Saudi Arabian Airlines carrier is the third in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, and everyone knows it. However, what not many passengers might think of, is that while they will receive food and drinks while flying, pork and alcohol will be missing. Saudi Arabian Airlines is operated by Muslims and they serve food according to the Islamic laws regarding one’s diet.

Those who want more from their Saudi Arabian Airlines flying experience, should select tickets on the Airbus A330-300 planes as they offer the possibility of connecting to the craft’s WiFi internet connection. Some of the fleet’s Boeing 777-300 have the same option. Extremely religious people, or those who find comfort in praying, should inquire about the planes with specialized prayer areas.