Seattle is a beautiful city that attracts many visitors every year. Most of the city’s visitors come in by air, and this means flying into SeaTac. SeaTac’s full name is Seattle–Tacoma International Airport. This is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest USA and it lies south of Seattle, some 12 miles away. SeaTac connects this area to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, without taking into account the rest of North America.

Alaska Airlines uses this airport as its main hub, but it also serves as hubs for Delta Air Lines and Horizon Air. As organization, there is a Central Terminal and 2 Satellite Terminals: to the south and to the north. The South Terminal receives all international arrivals, but international departures can happen at any terminal. Both North and South Terminals became overpopulated and can’t properly operate anymore. As a result, plans have been made to redesign them to smoothen the flow of people and operations. As far as the cargo flights go, there are many cargo airlines using this airport. The international cargos come countries like China, Singapore and South Korea.

There might be many people curious about where do passengers fly to. The statistics for the year 2015 say that more than 1 million passengers took flights to Los Angeles. Internationally, most of them – 331 thousand – wanted to reach Seoul, South Korea and flew into Incheon Airport. The next top international destination was London and its Heathrow Airport.

If discovering new artists is something you’re looking forward to, then you’re in luck! Seattle–Tacoma International Airport made it possible for local artists to perform throughout the facilities, usually in designated spots. The program was launched in 2013 but it became increasingly popular. There are 30 on-site entertainers and they even perform special pieces for big celebrations like Christmas.