If you’re traveling to Florida anytime soon, here are some details about the Southwest Florida International Airport.

This cool airport has quite a history behind it, and has been open to the public for over 30 years. The facility is incredibly modern and up to date, allowing travelers to enjoy a different kind of traveling experience. Southwest Florida International Airport has received almost 8 million travelers last year, and is still continuously growing. As a top US airport, Southwest Florida has won significant awards and offers international flights to Europe but also Canada.

The airport is located in a beautiful and nature rich region, where travelers can enjoy a pleasant weather and various touristic activities. The area draws in millions of people every year, thanks to its sandy beaches and chilled atmosphere. If you travel here, you will be able to enjoy water sports, see the hottest clubs and spend time at the beach. Southwest Florida also offers great golf opportunities, as well as the chance to encounter many types of wildlife. The airport is situated in Fort Myers, which is one of Florida’s most gorgeous regions. If you are feeling tired after your flight and need to relax, you should know the beach is located less than 30 minutes away.

Tourists get easy commute options straight from the airport. Southwest Florida International Airport is nearby 2 important US highways, U.S. 41 and Interstate 75. You can simply rent a car and drive to your hotel, or perhaps take the time to explore the area beforehand. The region’s most interesting attractions are also easy to reach by car or bus. Beside attractions, Fort Myers features comfortable hotels as well as varied restaurants.

Overall, the airport provides all that a traveler needs to have a pleasant trip. If you take a trip to Florida, this airport will enhance your experience and add to your vacation.