carrollton-texasThe City of Carrollton in Texas is not the most popular tourist destination, however things can change once people learn more about this city.


A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

Are you curious about what life used to be like at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th? Then this museum is the right place to visit because it will show you just that. The current museum is a rebuilt farm house.


Elm Fork Nature Preserve

This preserve was bought in 1861 and it was never really used for any purpose, therefore the nature here is basically undisturbed. Local come here to observe the nature and to hike, and there is no admission fee to pay. The preserve is opened daily from sunrise to sunset.


Downtown Carrollton Square

This square is the place to be if all you want is a place to have some fun, eat or get some shopping done. Movies, seasonal events and concerts are the main ways to enjoy your time in the city and most locals are looking forward to the new stuff going on here.


Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Amusement parks attracts many people and of all ages. This one has many rides to try out as well as swimming pools if you feel too hot. Just a little warning might be needed: the park is very popular, therefore quite crowded.


TX spa castle

How does a day at the spa sound like? As long as it is not crowded, it sounds like a great idea, right? TX spa castle is a rather popular spa, and during the weekdays there are many people attending. Couples’ massages and treatments are also available, so check them out!


Russian Banya Spa

Perhaps a Russian spa works differently than the ones you’ve been to until now, right? The only way to know for sure is by just stepping inside. Expect not only a Russian sauna, but a Finnish and a Turkish one as well, for a really relaxing experience. You’ll probably make new friends from Eastern Europe while at this spa.


Dallas Chocolate classes

If all you ever wanted was to learn how to prepare chocolate goodies, then this class is just for you. You can have private classes as well for a far better experience. You’ll learn how to roll truffles in your hands, molding and dipping chocolates, and not only.


Nob Hill Greenbelt

One of the things to know is that this greenbelt reaches many miles and you might just too tired before you manage to explore it in its entirety. All in all, make sure to bring the camera as well.


Coyote Ridge Golf Club

The key to conquering this golf course is the position of the ball, therefore it is meant for the more experienced golfer. Everyone who played here had only good things to say about the course quality and appearance.


Indian Creek Golf Club

This golf course is also intended for those with a higher golfing skill, but intermediate players can also try to play it to challenge themselves.