charleston-south-carolinaPeople say Charleston is a lovely and stylish city. Those who visit get the chance of learning a bit of history as well as doing fun stuff, as not to get bored.


Fort Sumter National Monument

This fort is currently known as the place where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. The place is actually on Sullivan’s Island. To reach this former fortress one needs to ride a ferry boat and the rides are done daily.


Battery Park

The Battery Park seems the hearts of the city and the place where most of the city’s history took place. For instance, the park saw several wars and it even served as a hanging place for criminals. The famous pirate Stede Bonnet is one of those who got hanged here.


Folly Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in the area. This is due to the several options people have when it comes to relaxing, having fun and eating. These options only seem to increase every year.


Angel Oak

All locals know about this oak tree, and possibly not only. People believe the oak is more than 1500 years old, but its size and general appearance are more impressive than its age. The tree can be found in a public park, therefore easy to find.


Boone Hall Plantation

If you like old stuff, you’ll most likely like the Boone Hall Plantation as well. The place was founded in 1681 and it became the oldest and best known plantations in the area. The public is able to visit it since 1956 and it even served as filming grounds for many movies.


Sullivan’s Island

This island has several beaches and they are not as populated as Folly Beach. This means beach goers have a much more quiet and relaxing time while sunbathing. The only downside is that alcohol is illegal on this island.


South Carolina Aquarium

There are many things to see and learn about at this aquarium. Visitors have the chance of petting and feeding some water creatures in the touch tanks, as well as seeing other animals that live near water. This is a popular destination among kids.


Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

This museum is dedicated to naval history and its main attraction is the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier used in the World War II. Visitors can also see the USS Clamagore submarine and the USS Laffey destroyer, along with other war related artifacts.


Waterfront Park

There are a handful of reasons to come and relax in this park. One of them is the Pineapple Fountain which is probably prettier at night due to the lights. Another attraction are the double swings and old style benches offering good views of the sailboats and ships in the harbor.


Charleston Farmers Market

For 9 months of the year, Charleston hosts weekly a farmers market. Every Saturday, the Charleston Farmers Market is the place to go to if you want to buy a variety of handmade products as well as some fresh produce.