Columbia is a large city in Missouri, and a great vacation destination. Maybe you want to learn more about the attractions that this city offers, and in that case read on for info.

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
If you want to get in touch with nature, check out the Memorial State Park. The peaceful atmosphere of this place will put your mind at ease. More than this, you can go on a hiking trip here as the park features hiking and biking trails.

Shelter Gardens
Although not big, the Shelter Gardens provide the perfect relaxing place on a weekend morning. As a visitor, you can get to see many different species of plants and trees. Along with that, the Gardens are free to enter and a great family trip choice.

Stephens Lake Park
If you enjoy seeing lakes, then you should head over to the Stephens Lake Park. The park features amazing views, and you can even have your wedding reception held here. The Park is a good romantic destination for couples.

Columbia Culinary Tours
If you are a culinary lover and always want to try out new things, you can go on a Culinary Tours. The tours are available on a constant basis, and the prices are affordable.

Ragtag Cinema
Maybe you want to spend your evening enjoying a good movie, so check out the Ragtag Cinema for the schedule. The Cinema offers the best movies in town, and the location is ideal for a family night out.

Shryocks Callaway Farms
Maybe you are in the mood for something different, and Shryocks Callaway Farms provide you and your family with all the fun you need. You can feed the farm animals and teach your kids something new as well.

Finger Lakes State Park
If you are looking for a park to spend a few quiet moments in, your best choice is Finger Lakes State Park. Here you can read, but also swim or engage in some water sports. Birdwatching is also an activity you might enjoy on the lake.

Peggy Jean’s Pies
When you are in Columbia, check out this famous restaurant. You will not be disappointed in the available pies, and you will be one of the many tourists to visit this popular place. The restaurant is usually crowded, so make sure to make a reservation first.

Columbia Mall
Maybe you are in the mood for shopping, which is normal when you are on vacation. In that case all you need to do is visit Columbia Mall for the chance to buy your favorite pieces of clothing or accessories. In addition to that, the Mall also features many restaurants and cafes.

Museum of Art and Archaeology
If you plan on visiting some museums while in town, check out the Museum of Art and Archaeology. Here you will be able to admire ancient pieces from all corners of the world, and the visits are free. The museum is open everyday starting with 10 am and up until 5 pm.