Columbia has many things to offer to its visitors, mostly because of its status as the state’s capital city. If you’re not familiar with this city, read on to learn more things about it.


McKissick Museum

Visitors praised this museum for its remarkable collection of mineral rocks, gemstones and silver dating back to the 18th century. Visitors also have the chance of seeing pottery made by slaves, watercolors from the 20th century, and even get the chance of learning more about stews.


USC Horseshoe

This historic place is actually where the campus of the University of South Carolina used to be. A few campus building remain and most of them are more than 100 years old. The area is usually filled with students engaged in various activities. A variety of events are also organized here quite often.


South Carolina State Museum

This museum is really big and showcases almost everything relating to South Carolina, from art to natural history, technology and science. How can people stay away from this museum when it has so many interesting things?


Riverfront Park

If you’re looking for a great spot to take some photos, then this might be it. This park is top choice for those who like to run, jogging, or riding bicycles. There are several benches scattered underneath the canopy created by the trees for those who want to just sit and relax.


Congaree National Park

This park is very important as it is designated as an International Biosphere Reserve, National Park, and its titles don’t even stop there. Come here to spot all sorts of wildlife including insects and birds, hike, camp, canoe or even go kayaking.


Fort Jackson Museum

The Fort Jackson Museum focuses around the military history of South Carolina. Weapons, vehicles, and uniforms make most of the items on display, and the main figure you’ll learn more about here, is Andrew Jackson. There are more than 4000 items housed here, so there is plenty to see.


Cayce Historical Museum

People come here to learn more about the daily life of those living in the Colonial Times. Aspects related to Native American culture, agriculture, and commercial developments are just some of the topics visitors will get more familiar with.


Nickelodeon Theater

People come here to watch international, indie and even art movies. Most shows take place in the evening with two screenings. Film festivals are also organize here from time to time.


Riverbanks Gardens

This is a botanical garden and it is conveniently located right by the zoo. The really nice views of the Saluda River seem the main attraction here, but visitors like to learn more about the plants found here or just to hike. The Lorikeet Aviary is possibly somewhere children will want to go in.


Riverbanks Zoo

Who doesn’t like going to the zoo? After all, it is here that people have the chance of seeing exotic animals that otherwise are difficult or very dangerous to come near. This zoo hosts many different species of animals and all of them live in natural habitats.