People choose to visit a city only when they know they have more than one or to things to see or do there. This short article will briefly present you with 10 attractions in Hampton, Virginia in no particular order.

Busch Gardens
While this is an amusement park where there are many roller coasters, people can just simply walk to relax if they don’t want to ride anything. The landscaping and the other natural elements receive lots of care and attention, and this may be one of the reasons for the park’s popularity.

Hampton University Museum
There are two aspects that are impressive about this museum: it is the oldest in Virginia and the oldest museum dedicated to African American art in the nation.

Fort Monroe
This fort is surrounded by a moat and is the largest one built in stone, in America. Its purpose was to monitor the traffic on the canal. Fortifications in this area started as early as 1606, but this fort is not that old. It is interesting to know the fort was controlled by the Union while the rest of the region was under the Confederation control during the Civil War.

Aberdeen Gardens Historic Museum
The gardens were build by the African American population, for their own use. Now a museum, the place speaks about the culture and history of African Americans. Originally, this place provided modern homes for the working African American people.

Bethel Battlefield
If you like battles and you’d like to experience them first hand, without the pain and bloodshed, then this paintball battle field is where you should go for some fun. The it might be better to come here as a group for a few hours filled with fun and adrenaline.

Bluebird Gap Farm
This farm represents a destination for the whole family. There are a wide array of both domestic an wild animals to be seen here, as well as the opportunity of learning about them. This type of farms are very rare, so plan your trip accordingly.

Charles H. Taylor Arts Center
Everyone in town knows about this art center, and it must be one of the most recognizable places in all Hampton. The building used to be a library for more than half a century, so its own history seems interesting as well.

Fort Wool
Fort Wool is right next to Fort Monroe, and it played important roles in both major wars of the 20th century as well as during the Civil War. The fort dates back to 1819, so it has quite a few stories to tell.

Grandview Nature Preserve
Observing the nature or going to the beach are relaxing activities enjoyed by many people and both are possible in this preserve.

Virginia Air and Space Center
Children will probably love to visit this place as it serves as a visitors center for NASA. The museum is dedicated to exploring the history of science and technology as well as showcasing everything related to space and air. Everything sounds too amazing to skip.