If you were curious about some fun or interesting stuff to see in Midland TX, this is your chance! We searched not for one, two or three destinations, but 10 of them!


Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

Oil drilling is boring for many people, but seeing really old equipment used for drilling this precious substance can be an interesting experience. Other exhibits include racing cars and a collection of paintings.


The Blakemore Planetarium

This planetarium uses a really high tech projector called Spitz SciDome. The shows take place starting on Tuesdays through Saturdays. Each show is followed by a discussion about stars. The permanent exhibition found here is also worth checking out.


CAF Airpower Museum

This museum is well known throughout the world for its exhibits that tell the story of the World War II. The exhibits consist mostly of artifacts dating back to this event and 13 to 18 aircraft. The main purpose of the museum is to preserve and save America’s Treasures.


Haley Library and History Center

The library houses more than 30,000 books that speak about the history of Texas and the Southwest. The earliest recordings cover the exploration of the West, the construction of railroads and so on. Sculptures made in bronze, paintings and artifacts can also be seen here.


George W. Bush Childhood Home

This building gives a glimpse into the life of the former president of the United States, George W. Bush and Governor Jeb Bush. The Bush family lived in this house between 1951 and 1955. The house became a museum in 2006 and is a historic place since 2004.


Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

If you have the chance of being in town when there is a performance taking place here, you should make sure to attend it. It seems that all the seats are good and the audio is also outstanding due to the high tech used.


I-20 Wildlife Preserve

People love coming here to unwind and to try and observe some wildlife in natural habitat. Bird feeders are scattered around along with bird blinds. These two features increased the chances of seeing all sorts of animals in the preserve.


Museum of the Southwest

There are very few people saying they don’t like going to this museum. Children especially have a lot of fun here, but their parents are not left out either. Those who visited it throughout the years say the museum was improved with new and rotating collections, making it more interesting.


Odessa Meteor Crater and Museum

This museum is clearly for those who are passionate about space and want to learn more about it. By visiting this site, you’ll have the opportunity of walking through a crater made by a meteorite. Best part is that you don’t have to pay to go in.


Sibley Nature Center

Most locals come here to walk their dogs, ride bikes and to even buy some new plants for their home and garden. Seeing some wildlife is also possible, and the signs along the trails give a lot of interesting and useful information on the nature in this area.