The City of Olathe Ks is the state’s 4th largest by population, although at nearly 130,000 it can be considered a rather small city. Even so, the city has many things to offer to both its citizens and visitors alike.


Indian Creek Hike Trail

This trail can be used for both hiking and riding a bicycle. Bikers will discover a nice trail that is generally easy to ride on. The trail as 17 miles long and it connects other biking and hiking trails


Marra Museum of Deaf History and Culture

Those who don’t know any deaf person may know close to nothing about the history or culture of the deaf population. This museum is dedicated mostly to those born deaf or lost their hearing in childhood. Learning about their history and culture in the two sections of the museum will surely be an interesting experience.


Olathe Memorial Cemetery

Governors from various states are buried here, making this cemetery a rather interesting one. October is the best time to visit the place, especially in the evening as you’ll learn more about the history of the place while meeting the “ghosts” buried here, and perhaps not only.


Cedar Lake Falls

The Cedar Lake Falls are not very easy to reach, therefore the adventure to reach them is what’s most important about them. These falls are the result of a man made dam on Cedar Creek. One should pay attention to the wildlife they can encounter in the area.


Penguin Playground

The Penguin Playground became a really popular destination during Christmas season, so this is the time to come visit. It is a family business that started in 2004. The playground is filled with light figurines that may even dance or play music. The evening is the right time to come see the show.


Olathe Veterans Memorial Park

This memorial park is dedicated to everyone who lost their live while being part of the American army. There is a brick wall dedicated to all the lost submarines as well. The Four Chaplains Memorial seems to be the most impressive in the park, and it is dedicated to the Dorchester’s chaplains.


Welcome Home! Cowboy Boots!

This used to be an exhibition, and even if you missed it you can still see parts of it scattered around the City of Olathe. Asking the right people about it will point you in the right direction.


Ensor Park and Museum

Located on the Ensor family farmland, this museum operates only seasonally. Marshal Ensor used to be a teacher, amateur radio operator and a craftsman, so surely there are plenty of interesting things to see and discover here.


Ernie Miller Nature Center

This nature center is called so because it has several exhibits related to nature, a bird feeder, a butterfly and a hummingbird garden, and even an aquarium. Children will surely love coming here.


Cosmic Mini Golf

If you want to play some golf but don’t feel like trying the regular golf clubs, try this one. It has not one, but three indoor mini golf courses, each with 18 holes. The main attraction of this location is the fun glow in the dark black lights.