If you don’t know much about Thornton in Colorado, you will once you read this brief article. What’s more important, is that you will learn more about the fun stuff to do there, so you might even want to visit it.

Thornton Veterans Memorial
The memorial is shaped like an obelisk with 5 sides. The veterans of all military branches are honored and remembered here, therefore paying your respects here is something not to forget to do.

Springvale Park Disc Golf Course
This is a course with 18 holes, however there’s a trick to it: half of it designed for beginners while the other half for more advanced players. In any case, coming here to practice some disk golf sounds like a really fun activity to try out.

The Crazed Corn Field Maze
There are people who like mazes and those ho do not. Apparently maze lovers can find here one of the best corn field maze they could explore. The time to come here is autumn, and you’ll also be able to enjoy hay rides, haunted activities, arts and crafts.

If you like participating in outdoor activities such as fishing or camping, Cabela’s might be the place you want to go to as well. Remember this is mainly a store with all the equipment you need, but the kids have a few games to play upstairs while you explore. Win-win?

Thornton Arts & Culture Center
This center is where people go to watch various performances, volunteer, or even to art exhibits. Taking various types of classes at this center is another reason to come here, especially for those who want to improve or learn something new. A diversity of events also take place here, so watch out for them!

Eastlake #3 Park and Nature Preserve
This preserve is quite large and it even has a lake, therefore its visitors have many activities to choose from if they want to keep themselves busy. Most water related activities like swimming or fishing are not allowed though.

Hills Harvest
Hills Harvest is not a very old place, but the stuff you can buy here might help you reach a very old age. Farmers from around the area come here to sell their produce once it is in season. Buying fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables is a rarity these days.

Prairie Playhouse
The Prairie Playhouse is a community theater that has been running for 8 years now. Come here to watch many well known shows as you might see them in a new light.

88 Drive In Theatre
There seems to be something romantic about a drive in theater, since this one is still standing and still operating. During the open season, three shows per night are played, therefore you can have lots of fun once you get there.

Margaret W Carpenter Recreation Center
The name of the place says it all: this is a place where people come to relax and forget about all their daily worries. There is a lazy river, a swimming pool, and even some tennis courts for those who want to stay active. Bringing your camera for some pictures of the building might be a good idea.