Most people probably know nothing about the City of Warren, MI. This city is now a suburb of Detroit and the third largest city in Michigan, by population. One interesting thing about this city is that it completely surrounds another one, called Center Line. Learn here about some places that you can visit while in Warren.

St. Clement Catholic Cemetery
This cemetery is actually in Center Line, but given its position at the heart of Warren, visitors have easy access to see the cemetery. You might want to see it because it is a historical place and the oldest grave dates back to 1854. The region’s first settlers also lay here, along with other important families.

Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant
This tank plant was the first ever specially created to mass produce tanks. The main tanks build here were the Shermans and their productions stopped in 1982 when the M1 Abrams tanks started to be produced, until 1996. This site is one of the main attractions of the city.

Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery
There are two notable people buried in this cemetery. One of them was an inventor, Elijah McCoy, and the other is The Supremes band former member, Florence Ballard. Some people like how quiet the cemeteries can be, thus being a good place to relax.

John Theisen House
This house was erected in mid 19th century, with an official registration in 1859 and with an oral legend saying it is 2 years older than that. The main reason to come here is to see the architecture of the building, the 100 year old summer kitchen and the carriage shack.

City Square
You’ll want to come here every Sunday for some fresh produce because this is where the city’s farmers market opens and operates. Of course, the farmers market happens only during the warm month of the year. Pay lots of attention when going to the market: you might learn fabulous new recipes.

Warren’s Aquatic Center
Being able to swim can be a lifesaver in some situations. If you don’t know how to swim, you can come to this center and take your first lessons. Swimming lessons are also good for children as this activity can help them develop a harmonious body.

Halmich Park
People come here to relax, watch or play softball and a few other sports or to even walk their dogs. The park is well liked by many locals and it can become quite noisy at times. Having a picnic here is another way of having fun in the park with family or friends.

Memorial Park
Memorial Park is found in Center Line and this is the place to be at in July, the Tuesday before Independence Day. This is the place where a traditional festival is held every year, called Center Line Annual Picnic in the Park and Fireworks Show.

Dragonmead Microbrewery
This microbrewery is one of those little hidden gems everyone would like to discover. They serve both food and drinks, and these are two of the reasons to stop by.

Cinemark Movies 16
If you think watching a movie at the theatre is too expensive, try coming here at the tickets are discounted as the movies are second-run. The arcade room is another stop here.