Not everybody has the chance or the money to travel wherever they would want. Reading about fun things to do or some interesting places to see can satisfy the desire to travel for some. This article will take readers on a short trip to West Valley City in Utah.

Redwood Nature Area
This area is actually a park around a mile long trail. This park has an unique appearance and it is a good place to come to if you want to hike and just be alone for some time.

Valley Fair Mall
If you want to go shopping, see a movie, and eat, in no specific order, this mall is the right choice. There are over 120 stores to browse, a cinema with 9 movie screens as well as good selection of places serving food for all taste buds.

Maverik Center
There are many people who like to visit the locations where various competitions were held, and were designed specifically for those competitions. This center was used in 2002 for the Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympics. Today the place is used for a variety of events.

USANA Amphitheatre
The USANA Amphitheatre is an outdoor amphitheatre where various concerts and regular music festivals take place. One of its best features is the really nice view of the Wasatch Mountains.

Hale Centre Theatre
Many theaters have off and on seasons, but this one plays shows continuously throughout the year. For the past 12 years it was voted as the State’s Best Theatre and this should say something. Rankings also show that Hale Centre Theatre receives most patrons in the nation when compared to the rest.

Stonebridge Golf Club
This golf club has 3 courses, all three with 9 holes each. Johnny Miller was the designer of these golf club courses and their main use is for championships. This golf club is also a good location for important meetings and events.

The Ridge Golf Course
If you don’t consider yourself to be a good golfer, or never even played golf in your life, consider The Ridge Golf Course instead of the previous one. This club also offers golf lessons and has a pro shop in case you need some equipment.

Utah Grizzlies Hockey Club
Perhaps golf is a bit too boring of soft of a sport for your tastes and you might prefer hockey instead. The Utah Grizzlies Hockey Club is where you’ll see more action, even in the rookie league.

A A Callister Corp Horse-Rider
If you need various type of products related to horse riding this is the store to visit. A A Callister Corp Horse-Rider is a popular family business that opened in 1952 and it still operates on the same location. History and quality goods, anyone?

Utah Cultural Celebration Center
The Utah Cultural Celebration Center is the place where art lovers go to when they want to discover new artists. The center is happy to showcase the works of local artists and there are at least 6 exhibits throughout the year, along with a permanent collection.