History is full of companies appearing, disappearing, or merging with others. US Airways is one if the companies that appeared and became very successful only to be incorporated into another company at a later time point. US Airways was founded in 1937 but only started operations 2 years later. This airline company owned and operated over 600 aircrafts. These airplanes were spread between the mainline and the company’s subsidiary airlines.

This airline took passengers to over 190 destinations across the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. There were over 3000 flights operated daily by this airline. What set it apart from many other companies was the shuttle service offered to those who needed to fly fast between Boston, New York City and Washington DC. This shuttle service would run every hour, making it a very convenient flight for those in a hurry. The Shuttle service was operated under the name US Airways Shuttle and was created in 1961.

The success faced by US Airways allowed it to acquire other airlines, such as Piedmont Airlines and the Pacific Southwest Airlines. This step made the company more even more popular among travelers. Today, US Airways is part of the world’s largest airline company after merging with American Airlines. The process took place over a couple of years, and it was made smooth by offering various benefits to their regular customers. These benefits could be used on either airline company. The final US Airways flight took place on October the 17th, 2015 and was named Flight 1939.

It is expected for 2017 to mark the complete disappearance of the US Airways as by that time the planes will be repainted and the flight attendants’ outfits will be changed. Customers who fear that the shuttle service will also be discontinued can rest assured that for now it still operated.