The Dulles International Airport is a good choice for your trip to Virginia. Beside the numerous international and domestic flights offered, the airport also provides tours and other related student programs.

The airport has been open to the public for more than 70 years and became one of the top ones in US. After several renovation periods, the facility is still expanding nowadays as to be able to receive 50 million of travelers per year. The airport offers numerous services, including the option to travel with pets. However, you will need a pet carrier if you want to bring your animal with you. The airport offers a pet area where your animal can rest and play while you go shopping or grab a bite to eat.

When it comes to things to do, Dulles International Airport is one of the leading facilities. You can take some hours and explore all the art pieces, attend a seasonal exhibition or go on a tour. During the tour, you will get the chance of learning more about the history of this place. During the September and October months, the facility is the host for varied live music and dancing performances.

If you just want to relax, the airport’s bar is the perfect idea. The lounge provides original cocktails and a chill atmosphere to enjoy after a long plane trip. Maybe you want to forget about your daily stress and reflect, so head over the The Interfaith Chapel for a few moments. The chapel is open regardless of the hour or day.

Dulles International Airport also features restaurants and stores, in case you came to Washington unprepared. Here you can buy the latest technology devices, read your favorite magazine or grab a quick coffee. Among the many restaurants, we can’t help but mention the ever popular Burger King and the Starbucks coffee chain.