Orlando Int Airport Orlando, Florida MCO

Orlando Int Airport Orlando, Florida MCO

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Orlando, Florida is well known for the Walt Disney Resort and it was nicknamed World’s Theme Park Capital. As a result, no less than 62 million people came to see Orlando in 2014. This number will no doubt make an impact in the ears of many. However, when traveling to a new city, the way in, usually the airport or train station, leave the worst impression. By continuing reading this, you’ll learn some interesting facts about Orlando Int Airport, or shortly MCO.

Before being used as an international airport, MCO was called McCoy Air Force Base and was used as a Strategic Air Command. The SAC opened in 1942 and was closed in 1975. However, Orlando Int Airport was used by civilians and the military alike starting with 1960. However, since 1975 all military operations and uses of the airport have stopped, and MCO currently only serves civilians.

News outlets are trying to use the short-code OIA instead of MCO since the airport’s name changed. Regardless of what people call this airport, they should know that there are many airlines using it and those flying in come from all over the world: Brazil - with cities like Brasilia and Sao Paulo, Canada with cities like Ottawa and Toronto, and even UAE - from Dubai.

When flying out of Orlando, more than 1.3 million passengers had a ticker for Atlanta, Georgia for the domestic flights in 2015. For the year 2014, statistics say that those flying Southwest Airlines must have felt really crowded as nearly 9.5 millions bought tickets on this carrier. Still in 2014, Virgin Atlantic airways was very busy flying 809,171 passengers to London, or seasonally to Glasgow. What’s more amazing about those statistics, is that the gap between number 1 and number 2 destinations, was really big. Domestically, the difference was of about 600,000 and internationally of just 300,000.